Tmnt raph x shy reader lemon

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Tmnt raph x shy reader lemon

He and Leo gad gotten into another fight and without Spike to rant to, he went topside and started ranting to himself. He was hoping to find some bad guys or something to let his anger out. He was walking across the rooftops when he heard someone humming. He looked down to the streets and saw a girl walking on the sidewalk humming to whatever song was playing on her ipod. Her ear buds where obviously too loud for her to hear the two Kraang droids walking behind her.

They were about to grab her before Raph jumped in. You were listening to your music when you heard something that didn't sound like it was a part of your song. You took out your ear buds and turned to whatever was making the noise.

Usually Raph would start to get away but he felt like if he moved those [COLOR] eyes would do something out of the ordinary. You and Raph were walking back to your place for pizza. It was the only thing you could think of to give Raphael after he saved you and Raphael was more than ok with it.

It was a short one. I was bought by my dad in a pet store. He used to be human though. Are you the oldest or are you all the same age? He's the most immature and he was the last to learn to speak.

He's also the most babyish. It's kinda cute. When you have lived in the sewers for 15 yrs you start talking however the shell you want.

He's such a nerd. He knows almost everything! He's probably smarter than any scientist you can think of. He's our so called Fearless Leader. I don't know why but he seems to get on my nerves alot easier than Donnie and Mikey do.Sally x male child reader Sally x male child reader. I have been requeste. Urea preparations. Inuyasha x reader mating season wattpad.

Tmnt leo x reader mating season lemon Tmnt leo x reader mating season lemon. Splinter slammed Leo on the bed kissing him while wrapping his his legs around Splinter.

It seems every time you left the house something would go down. Undertale x reader one shots "The One With Phoebe's Husband" is the fourth episode of the second season of Friends, which aired on October 12, Yandere female x female reader one shots. Aizawa x reader comfort. Your eyes widen. Shh, hush, forgive me, enjoy the one hundred followers celebration and help yourself to some Rebel.

Leo x Reader It has been three months since you had fled New York city, Leo had finally woke up. Rias x dying male reader. This place is perfect for visitors, business. Mikey x reader lemon. It was another day in new York City Leo was on patrol by h. Spoiler alert! Spoilers for a few season 3 episodes! Also this is a continuation of Shelled up. Rias x dying male reader Rias x dying male reader. Splinter felt bolts of pleasure rising up.

Abusive boyfriend x reader wattpad. Mha x bullied reader. Leo's eye narrowed, stepping further out of his room to get a better view of them. Honour to the end. Touchstone Gateways. Leo x Reader x Yandere! To patronise you or make you feel small.

Tmnt Raph X Reader Lemon Angry

Tmnt fanfiction leo leaves. The boys Garroth Adventure Fanfiction Romance 2 weeks ago. Lemon Sour fruit andor sexy goodness Viewer discretion advised, 18 recommended Death the Kid x Reader Lemon 72K Reads 84 Votes 3 Part StoryMay 27, Can you send me the link for part 2 please The link in the des isnt working correctly and unlike readerchan Im a bit of a perv ok maybe a lotnbsp Death the Kid x Reader Lemon Just a cute little one shot of Karai and Leo, enjoy.

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Heres my tmnt x reader book for my readers to request scenarios for! If you like fluff, heartbreak, and romance with the turtles, this is the book for you! Enjoy these scenarios for Leo, Raph, Mikey, and Donnie and possibly other characters.

I also don't describe the physical appearance in my 'X reader' stories, because I want you to put yourself in it. Tmnt fanfiction leo crying Tmnt fanfiction leo crying.Originally posted by jaroffangurl.

Raphael was having, on all accounts, a rough day. The boys had gone out on patrol, as usual, had fought the Foot, as usual, but this time, they had hit a bump in the road. Something had gone wrong, and as a result, Raph was pissed, Leo was disappointed, and none of them were exactly happy. You were minding your own business, nose tucked into a book when you heard a deep growl approaching the training room. Curious, you tilted your head and tucked your bookmark into the pages, looking up just as Raph stormed in and slammed the door behind him.

Raph looked up, his green eyes softening. He did, his large form walking through the room until he finally settled on the floor next to your beanbag.

I was scared of Casey Jones and starting conversations. You were a flower-crown wearing, ukulele strumming dork, but he loved every moment he spent with you…. May I request a Image where the reader, Donnie's GFis sick but denies it until she gets her butt kicked by the guys at trianing, almost faints, then finally confesses that she is ill and Donnie cares for her?

Thank you!! Note: I love this concept. Originally posted by blueleax. The voices echoed around in your head, which was pounding painfully. You opened your eyes and everything was blurry. You were just about positive you were hallucinating, because when your vision finally started to come into focus, you were surrounded by four very tall, very familiar mutant turtles. Keep reading. Was it deleted? Followers, anyone know anything?? Imagine the boys crush cooking for them for the first time, something they like to make them feel better, and just, ugh!

Food is so good! Headcannon: it applies to all them but Raph is my favorite and I know it's a common trope but sometimes hes just so blown away by how small you are. I dont mean like in terms of skinnyness or even how tall you are cause its unlikely you can surpass them.

When you hold their hand it really enforces that difference and they are just in awe. The bros try to help but they make it worse.

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In walks Donnie's crush headed toward the lab. The bros try to warn them to stay away, that Donnie's in a mood but they enter anyway. A tiny smile as they pick the item he's tinkering with out of his hands. He looks at them ready to speak as they turn the item around looking at it. The bros panic thinkin the worst but they manage to fix what he couldn't.

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He's so emotional over it, he kisses them. Imagine you invite your turtle bf over for the night and you guys make a recipe neither of you have heard of before. It's not bad, but definitely not good either.

Mickey ofc sings and dances with you. He even stans some idol groups. You finally arrived to the liar after your long 12 hour shift at the diner. You taken out your headphones, pausing your favorite song; Happiness by Red Velvet. You assumed that Leonardo, your boyfriend, was meditating.You just smile and walk into the kitchen to make yourself a drink. You both was staring at each other in pure silence, and you could both feel the sexual tension and chemistry, not sure weather to move.

He grabbed you by the waste and lifted you into the air and slammed you into the wall, passionately kissing you while squeezing your hips. I hope that you feel better soon! My inbox and PM are always open if you want to talk.

I tweaked it just a little bit as well.

tmnt raph x shy reader lemon

I also put it under a cut. Keep reading. Originally posted by loreenya. Posts Archive. PART 1. Time skip - 2 hours. To be continued. Paramount is struggling to find a hit in recent years, and they're hoping the third time is a charm for the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" f. Andrew Dodge has signed on to write the script for the mysterious new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.

Michael Bay will be back once again as a producer of the new Ninja Turtles film. Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cast. Send me requests, asks, anything!

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I really wanna post more often. Anonymous asked: Hi there, I havent felt so well as of late. Ive been actually really down. I was wondering how Raph would feel if him and his girl got into a really really big fight and he didnt know she was having a really bad day already; so when he left to get some fresh air, she downed pills in her bathtub only for him to show up just before she could fall asleep?

I also put it under a cut Keep reading. New Raph blog. See this in the app Show more.Raph often wears a hoodie. Seeing as he was absolutely huge in ever way, this particular hoodie was a size XXL. Of course, it had to be at night. Raph took midnight walks at lest twice a week. He loved the smell of New York, and how all the people were just as mean as him. It was nice to be included. At the moment, the turtle was taking a midnight stroll along back alleys and watching all the humans.

He watched as a man came running out in front of him.

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Give that back! You were currently trying to retrieve your phone back from this total asshole who just swiped it out of your hands. Raphael watched, waiting for something to happen so he could jump in.

You looked like you had it all handled until the guy flipped you over and kicked you in the chest. Once you got the chance to catch your breath, you sat up and found your phone landing in your chest.

You looked up, only to see a huge, dark figure in a Thrasher hoodie walking away from you. You started forward, trying to catch up with the guy. Nice hoodie, do you skate?

Tmnt Imagines — How do you think Raphael would react to having an...

Raph chuckled, looking down at them. Anyways, thank you so much. Later that night, Raph was laying in his bed. Raph was clutching his hoodie in his big strong arms, and smushed his face into it.

Tmnt raphael x reader lemon

He could still smell your scent from the side hug. You smelled wonderful to him, and it was making his heart race. He had to speak to you again. He had to find you somehow. He was determined.

That night, Raph slept with his hoodie, the sleeves wrapped around his neck and his face buried into the hood.Could I request a oneshot of RaphxReader where Raph find out the readers so cheated on them and the reader is just really devastated and just needs hugs and cuddles from Raph? This had officially been the worst day of your life so far, and talking to April was about the only thing keeping you from completely wallowing in your own misery.

Your boyfriend for the last 9 months or so had cheated on you with some skank he barely knew.

tmnt raph x shy reader lemon

You just wanted to curl up in your bed and never resurface - this was embarrassing as well as heartbreaking, and the idea of facing school after 3 short days away made you want to cry all over again. You did miss the boys, especially Raphael. You two were such good mates now and it felt weird going so long without having him at your side.

As well, feeling as down as you do currently, his company could really help brighten your mood, somewhat. And hey, it may distract you for a bit. Maybe she was right, maybe it would keep your mind off of things for a bit. But it was helpful, now, to know that they were in, and now roaming the city rooftops somewhere, when you needed them now.

Tmnt Leo X Male Reader Lemon

Walking in, the distant sound of Mikey screaming in the dojo echoed around the otherwise quiet room in which you had just entered. You guessed it was probably Leonardo training with Michelangelo currently, as Donatello would likely be in his lab rather than sparring at this time of night. You had almost had it with people giving you that same, sorry look.

After a hesitant pause, Raphael looked up at you with the loving eyes only you got to see regularly; his brothers thought him the hot-headed one, the angry and unfeeling one, but you knew him to be compassionate and caring too. You could see that in his gaze now. Trying your best not to cry, you simply nodded. In seconds, Raphael was on his feet, and you dove into his arms without thinking twice about it. It was nice to feel his warmth sheltering you from everything, and to feel his arms holding you safely against his chest, so that nothing might hurt you again.

Raph lent down a second later, and placed a soft and gentle kiss atop your head.

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You were too engrossed in the smell of him, the comforting serenity of his arms and loving nature when around you. Though April helped with your day to day problems, Raphael was well and truly the best friend you could ask for. Tags: tmnt raphael tmnt raphael x reader tmnt raph tmnt leonardo tmnt leo tmnt donatello tmnt donnie tmnt michelangelo tmnt mikey tmnt imagine tmnt tmnt teenage mutant ninja turtles.You adjusted your glasses as you watched Leo and Raph spar. He, Mikey, and Raph just shrugged it off and only considered his behavior as him trying to protect them.

It was a Dream Donnie x Reader Okay, sorry this fic is short, but this is for the anon who requested where Donnie had a wet dream about reader so I hope you like it!

He wasn't rea. Read Raphael x Shy! So the two of you, since you both girls, asked Casey Jones to go and check the turtles until the season was over.

Request: Yes. You felt your cheeks heat slightly, even though all he did was look at you. Written by littlefurryguy and ghostwriter, beta by katt See more ideas about Tmnt, Tmnt turtles, Tmnt swag. We don't own the TMNT. You have been warned. Louise Lively is a shy misfit with a huge crush on — and no chance of dating — Brad Gauthierthe hunky star of the high school football team.

This banner text can have markup. A complete collection of the iconic team-ups for fans of all ages! Could I request a oneshot of RaphxReader where Raph find out the readers so cheated on them and the reader is just really devastated and just needs hugs and cuddles from Raph?.

Casey Jones, Green in the series, Black in the series.

tmnt raph x shy reader lemon

It's black, and has red print on it, advertising the popular skateboard brand, Thrasher. August 1 May 11 Top 3. Sharpie Promises. These are ALL lemon stories. Springtrap x shy reader. Questions of Personality I'm so. You admit you had a crush on him since forever ago, but it's not like he would ever like. I will also be doing matchups if you're interested!

A lot of my stuff will probably be x reader, just warning you! Read Yandere Korekiyo x F! Shh, hush, forgive me, enjoy the one hundred followers. Add to Favourites. This is Steve Oliver's blog, it used to be daily but now happens in fits and starts depending on what happens. He had really messed up this time. Raph breathed deep, trying to block the unwelcome thoughts that buzzed in his mind. New; ! Human Alastor x! Mermaid Reader: My Savior - Duration: Comic Book Resources Ryder Warner 35, views.

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